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Flowers Making Food

Flowers are amazing structures.  They are the reproductive sight of the plant, allowing it propagate its genes in the environment.  However, they need someone or something to pollinate them in order to reproduce. I found this bee on a blooming Fox Glove.  The bee was too cold to fly.  It spent the night on this flower and I was able to get a couple of shots before the sun warmed its wings and it flew off.  Its abdomen was pulsing as if it was warming up as I was shooting.

Bee Detail

Many animals pollinate flowers, bees are not alone.  Flies, birds, butterflies, and even bats pollinate flowers.

Once the flowers are pollinated they undergo a transformation into fruit.  Their dependence on other organisms in not done.  Now these fruits must have their seeds spread away from the parent.  This relationship is so close that some seeds will not sprout unless they have passed through the digestive system of a bird or mammal.  They advertise this fact with bright colors and delicious sugar!  The Salmon Berries were a quick treat, and this one didn’t make it long after this shot, although I don’t think I spread the seeds very far.

Tomorrow:  Things that go bump (or buzz) in the night


One response

  1. Phenomenal Photos! I love the close up of the bee.

    July 21, 2010 at 22:20

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