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Costa Rica Finale

This will be the last post for Costa Rica.  I have a ton of more recent pictures to share.

Tropical Pixie Cup Mushroom.  I remember a National Geographic cover with one on these on it, it was one of my favorite pictures growing up.

Katydid, this was amazing.   This katydid would move very slowly and pretend it was a leaf.

Heliconia flower.  These small pockets of water serve as food for hummingbirds, and breeding grounds for insects and frogs.

Someone is looking a little crabby.

Male Basilisk.  Every time I say basilisk, I almost always get some reference to Harry Potter.  NO this is not from Harry Potter this is the REAL basilisk.  Also known as the Jesus Lizard for its ability to run across the surface of the water.  It has thousands of small scales on the soles of its feet that allow it to stay on the surface as it speeds across.

Golden Orb Weaver,  this is a female the males are about 1/10 of the size and just hang out while the female does all the work.  After mating the male is often consumed by the female.

Red Eyed Leaf Frog.  This is one of my favorite amphibians.  I found a couple of these guys hanging out in a garden at night.  I was a little excited!

Costa Rica was a blast!  I have tons of other pictures but that’s all for now.  I have more pictures to share from Minnesota so get ready for a shift back to the local flora and fauna.

Up Next:  Parasitic Wasps and Friends


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