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Dragons and Damsels

Dragons and Damsels….   No this is not a fantasy novel with fire breathing serpents and knights in shining armor.  This is all about your friendly neighborhood mosquito removal service Dragon and Damsel Flies!

Both are members of the taxonomic Odanta.  Both spend the better portion of their lives as aquatic nymphs where they chow down on other insects, tadpoles, and even mosquito larvae.  So next time you see a Dragon or Damsel Fly thank it for spending its entire life eating mosquitoes at every point in their life cycle!I found this Dragon Fly sunbathing on a cactus in my front yard.  Every time the sun would come out the abdomen would go straight up and the wings would raise to meet the angle of the sun.  You can tell this is a Dragon Fly because it has wings that do not fold up, it also has a fairly stocky build and compared to the Damsel Flies it has a short abdomen.

Here is a Damsel Fly with its wing folded up…almost.  Look at the two insects, can you find any other differences??

This is what the Dragon Fly did when the sun would go behind a cloud.  No sense in wasting the energy!

Even insects like to sun bathe!

Up next:  My Favorites!


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