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Insect Royalty

The Monarch Butterfly is one of the most well known butterflies in North America.  These amazing insects are poisonous and migrate south like birds.  The butterflies that over winter in Mexico each year are separated from the butterflies we see here by generations!  How this occurs and why is still a mystery of science.  How a butterfly knows where it is going when it has never been there before is a little more than amazing!

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while, ask yourself why this is a butterfly and not a moth……

Look at the antenna,  they have knobs on the end and don’t look like feathers.  The body isn’t super hairy and it’s out in the day….all tell tale signs of some butterfly action.

Butterflies and Moths have two pairs of wings,  each pair functions as a single wing.  Here you can see the subtle line between to two wings.

Here you can see the distinction between the two wings and the small scales that cover the wings.  Those scales are the ‘powder’ that gets on your hands when you try to catch a butterfly!

Monarchs are amazing and beautiful insects.  They really to deserve their title of royalty.  This butterfly will live for a couple of weeks, reproduce and die.  It’s great-great-great grandchildren will be spending the winter in a mountain forest in Mexico.  One of nature’s most amazing events.

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