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Pop Quiz Answers

Okay,  so I only got two responses but I know a lot more people checked it out.

If you haven’t seen the ‘Pop Quiz’ post read no further, the answers are about to be revealed!

Here is a picture to prevent any wandering eyes from seeing the answers!

Honey Bee on Lavender.

Mystery Arthropod #1

This is a (opening sealed envelope) TRUE BUG!!

The biggest indicator here is the ‘X’ pattern on the back.  This is a Stink Bug and I think they are one of the best examples of a true bug.  They get their name from a noxious chemical they spray from their rear ends when they are threatened.  I have never been able to get them to do it but I have heard it doesn’t smell so hot!

Mystery Arthropod #2

Okay,  this is probably one of the coolest critters out there and its a……TRUE BUG!!!

This is an Ambush Bug.  Unlike most true bugs like the Stink Bug, Leafhoppers, Cicadas and others, that use their tube like mouths for sucking delicious juices from plants, this Bug uses its mouth part for sucking delicious juices from other insects!

It will sit patiently on a flower, where it blends in quite well (I placed the bug on the marigold for the picture).  It waits for its prey to land and then grabs it with its mantis-like forelegs and stabs that dagger like mouth part into it!   It then uses that straw like mouth to literally suck the life from its prey!!    You can’t make this stuff up!!!!

Mystery Arthopod #3

Okay so you all know this is a Bumble Bee but is it also a True Bug?   Can’t see an ‘X’ on the wings, It does seem to have a tube like mouth part…..BUT it’s body is also covered with ‘fur’.  True Bugs don’t have this ‘fur’, so bees and their allies are not True Bugs they are Insects from the order Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, and kin).

Those of you who said bug, bug, insect are exactly right!!   Now, next time you hear someone call something a ‘bug’ you will be able to test their identification skills!

Up Next:  Up North


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