A journey into the eyes and mind of a naturalist.

Summer Meadow

My cabin is in the middle of 40 acres of secondary growth forest.  The White Pines were all but eliminated in the 1920’s.  A single White Pine remains on the entire property.  Up the logging road from my cabin is a high voltage power-line and natural gas line.  These man-made pathways cut straight through the forest.  They give a unique opportunity for those sun-loving plants, especially flower, to thrive.  These cuts through the forest give a dynamic element to a walk in the woods.

Aster is a meadow flower that needs that strong sunlight that would otherwise be unavailable.

Black Eyed Susan is another perennial flower that is native to the meadows and prairie here in Minnesota.

Where there are flowers there is the multitude of insects as well.  Multiple species of butterfly visit flowers of all shapes and sizes.  Here is a Fritillary Butterfly that was visiting flowers in the meadow.

Here is a flower, I don’t know the species, but thinking back to my Plant Sex post this is a perfect example of the reproductive aspects of flowers!!

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