A journey into the eyes and mind of a naturalist.


Comparing a clump of Sedum to the African Savannah may be a stretch for some.  I have already given examples of predation and vast herds moving across this temporary, but bountiful, food source.  But what African Savannah would be complete without the megafauna, the elephants, giraffe, and rhino that we all know and love?

I think the Sedum equivalent to these beasts would have to be the Bumble Bees.  Like their African counterparts very little gets in their way.  On the flower predators step aside.  When they land the other insects gracefully give way.

The Bumble Bees ignore their smaller pollinators and gorge themselves on nectar hidden deep within the flower.

How do the bees know which flower have already been tapped?   A bee on a clump will not try to tap a flower it has already fed from.  There is some memory and environmental awareness taking place in those little bee brains.  They are not the mindless workers we take them to ‘bee’.

As they poke and prod for their nectar they unwittingly pollinate the flowers, ensuring the plant reproduces to enable another generation of flowers, and bees, the following summer.

Next time you eat an Apple, or get squirted in the eye with a fresh Grapefruit, or get a Tomato sauce stain on your shirt,  thank that pollinator, probably a bee for diligently collecting nectar and pollinating the flower from which these fruits came.

Without bees we don’t get fruit.

Up Next:  Caterpillar Update and More!


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