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Swallowtail Update

The Swallowtail Caterpillar has made it to its final instar before metamorphosis occurs!  This is as big as this caterpillar is going to get…they grow up so fast…

This caterpillar started as an egg the size of one of the yellow spots on its back.  It has fed exclusively on the flowers of the dill stem where it sits today.

In this portrait you can see the pollen of the feast covering the front quarter of the caterpillar.  Like a toddler at it’s birthday party this caterpillar has been quite a messy eater.

Now the caterpillar has performed one of its final acts as a wingless blob of an eating machine.  It has spun silk and created a hammock of sorts.  Here it will begin the rearrangement of its insides to become a chrysalis where (I’m hoping) it will over-winter to become a butterfly next spring.

I am hoping to capture the moment that it becomes a chrysalis but if I don’t I will post the final chapter when it occurs.

Up Next:  Sticks with Legs


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