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Moonrise Day 1

Getting up early to see an amazing sunrise takes motivation and a little dedication.  Staying up until the moonrise the following evening is just gritty!  For the three days I spent camped out on the North Shore of Lake Superior I saw the sunrise and moonrise each day.  Needless to say I was exhausted upon my return home.

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’m usually up close and personal with my subject, shooting landscapes is an entirely different experience.  There are times, though, that everything just comes together just right and it’s nearly impossible to take a ‘bad’ picture.  I think this was one of those times.

This gull gave me a run for my money.  The rock is approximately 50 feet of the beach and the gull seemed to know when I was trying to take it’s picture because it kept flying away when I would point my camera in its direction.  After several attempts I finally got it to sit still for a moment!

As the moon rose it began to cast it’s reflection upon the water, an amazing sight.  The water danced in the moonlight all the way to the horizon.

The final picture is the pesky gull sitting on the same rock I mentioned before.  Note the shadow of the gull in the water cast by the moonlight.  I thought it was a perfect moonrise,  I thought that until I saw the moon rise the next night…


Up Next:  Moonrise Day 2


One response

  1. kathy lane

    Absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful!!!!!!!
    Love ya,

    June 5, 2011 at 17:22

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