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Flower Explosion

Spring is in full swing and I’m struggling to keep up with all the flowers of all shapes and sizes.  I have had to avoid mowing some in the grass, I have literally crawled through the dirt to get the angle I wanted and I have researched and researched to identify a couple.

April 25-May:  Violets of all colors and sizes are blanketing several of my gardens and low-lying areas.


Garlic Mustard2

Garlic Mustard Flower

Garlic Mustard

Wasp on Garlic Mustard

April 29:  Garlic Mustard – The small white flowers on this invasive plant may not be showy but provide a valuable early season source of nectar for pollinators of all kinds.  When I took this picture there were at least 5 different bees, wasps and flies all buzzing from flower to flower.




wild plum

Wild Plum

April 29: Wild Plum or American Plum – We have a small grove of plum trees near one of our ponds.  These flowers will produce purple thumb-sized plums later in summer that I will use for jams and jellies.  When the trees were in full bloom the buzz of pollinating bees could be heard several feet from the trees.




April 29:  Archangel – for some reason the previous homeowners planted this species.  I guess it makes a good ground cover and has reasonable flowers but anywhere but a garden I would call this invasive as it spreads, quickly.







April 29:  TULIPS!!   This is a big deal for our house.  The previous two years the very concentrated deer population mowed down our tulips well before they ever bloomed.  This year I was diligent with the egg spray and the deer didn’t even touch them.


Paper Birch

Paper Birch

April 30:  Paper Birch: This is one of the last catkin-bearing trees to  bloom in my yard.  To get this shot I had to jump up and pull down a branch.  I am holding the branch down with my left hand while taking the photo with my right.  Sometimes the story behind the photo is not clearly illustrated!




Up Next:  May Flowers!!




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